March 30, 2008

saturdays work.....

it was quite the weekend!  worked all day on saturday and got a ton accomplished.  seen here is the baby/toddler blanket made from alexander henry's light bright fabric and top quality dark brown minky.  incredibly soft and cute!

March 27, 2008

i made the gift guide......

so i was just surfin' around on etsy AGAIN....and decided to look at the gift guide section for babies.  well to my surprise the lovely etsy staff included one of my changing pads!  i am so excited right now and very proud that they took notice of my little shop.  i've sold one set of this pattern (burp cloth & changing pad) already and it was a hit.    

kelly :)

March 25, 2008

i'm obsessed.....

...with everything etsy!

hey there.  just a little update on what i've been up to.  i've been working on wedding invites the past few weeks and it's gotten the best of me.  i've bought a ton of new fabric so i'm switchin' gears again and plan to sew up a storm this week and weekend.  wouldn't it be great if fabric came pre-washed, ironed, de-fuzzed and cut?  just a thought.....  ;)

sold my 2 favorite blankets from my shop too!  yay!  was happy to see them go to some cute baby or kid but also sad since they were my faves.  pretty sure i'll have to replace them fact i already have them on the list of fabric to buy!  i have so much fabric here to use but i can't stop buying new stuff......way too much beautiful fabrics out there.  

great news for me too.....i finally get my own work space at the house!  turning the loft into my own sewing area.  painting the walls this weekend and then visiting my great pal Ikea to pick up some furniture and storage.  i can't wait till it's all's going to be fabulous!

well better get back to whatever it was i was doing.......kel

March 16, 2008

I'm back...

hi everyone.  i'm back from my vacation nice and relaxed and sportin' a great tan!  i had such a great time relaxing by the pool and enjoying the sun.  now i'm back to the cold weather and really can't wait for spring and summer to arrive.  gettin' close.....
i've added some new items to my shop so please stop by and check them out.  the image shows a new burp cloth i made today. 

talk soon.....kelly :)

March 6, 2008

• Vacation •

hi everyone.  i'm heading on a much needed vacation!  my shop is still open; however, all items that are purchased will not ship until march 17th.  all questions regarding design work should be sent to my etsy account as well.

talk to ya when i get back........kelly  :)

March 4, 2008

• New Baby/Toddler Blanket •

Well I finished up this blanket yesterday and absolutely LOVE it!  It turned out so cute!  I wish I had a little girl to give it to.  Oh well right?  :)  Been working on wedding invitations all night so I decided to take 5 and do some blogging.  Heading on vacation soon and haven't done a thing to get ready for it.  Better get on that asap!  I've been too busy sewing and designing that I haven't had time for much else.  I can tell spring and summer are on their way here.  Yay!
till next time.......kelly :)